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We bring your Social Media accounts to life by creating amazing “bite-sized” social content that transforms them from digital ghost towns into engaged destinations that turn “browsers” into “customers”.

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How Our Social Media Posting Service Works


Step 1:

Sign up for our Social Content and Scheduling Service, link all your social profiles and we’ll brand the post images with your logo.

Step 2:

You get access to your online account so you can see what’s happening with your social accounts, add your own posts and offers.

Step 3:

Amazing content is posted 2x a day on your social pages without you having to lift a finger.

Examples of Our Work …

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Case Study: Westchester Self Storage Management Group

how we’re bringing in more new tenants organically each month, building our local brand engagement and out-maneuvering the national brands 

Our facilities are experiencing tremendous growth and the social postings make our Facebook pages very active which supports our FB ads and helps us stand out from our competition. Eric’s decade of experience in the self storage industry, combined with his online knowledge has been helping our business grow year after year. He treats our business as if it’s his own. As a family owned and operated company that means the world to me.”

Peter Ferraro III

CFO, Westchester Self Storage

The Problem

National aggregators ( and REITS (Public Storage, Cubesmart and Extra Space) have seemingly overflowing bank accounts with which to spend on Adwords and SEO.

We simply can’t compete head to head. It’s become much more difficult and expensive to obtain tenants.

The Solution

We’ve been able to use our local presence to our advantage and reach new tenants by leveraging our presence on Google My Business and consistently posting engaging conent across all of our social accounts.

When potential tenants do their research, they discover our active social pages, compared with competition’s pages which have little to no activity…it makes a difference and helps us stand out .

The national competitors simply don’t have the local engagement we do in our local markets now.

Don’t Take Our Word For It



“Eric is one the most driven entrepreneurs I have ever known. He takes on every endeavor with zeal and tenacity. He has a keen sense of the online environment and has developed cutting edge strategies to get products and services optimized.”
Daniel S. Ogus

EVP & COO, Cornerstone Affiliates

“Eric is an expert in Internet Traffic, getting websites and other assets like videos to rank on the first page of Google. His work ethic and results are beyond compare and in all the years I’ve known him he’s never let me down.”
Mike Williams

COO, ChargebackOps

“Eric’s expertise has been so helpful in segmenting my business to drive revenue from specific audiences. He really cares about my business success .”

Patti Starr

RA, LMT, SET, Integrated Healing Arts Bodywork

“I was introduced to Eric through a mutual friend and Eric has helped me market my cleaning business over the years. I was considering hiring my teenage daughter and her friends to post to FB and Twitter, but I don’t know what they should post and don’t have the time to manage it all, with DoMySocial posting it’s all done for me and for less than it would cost me to hire a teenager.”

Keith Sloane

Owner, Tidy Up Cleaning Services

“Eric has the most unbelievable work ethic I’ve ever seen. The guy is a tireless champion for my business. He always has my back and I never get a BS answer. He’s helped me grow my business and he’s a great listener.”
Ryan Burgon

President, Rynell Holdings

“Eric is one of the best revenue generators I have the pleasure of knowing. He’s got a great technical team and a lot of resources that make success easy. I highly recommend him.”
Sean T Phillips

Internet Marketing Professional, STP Consulting

Your Gift…A Hand Signed Copy Of Time Bomb When You Activate Your Account

Eric Herman is a seasoned entrepreneur who has generated millions of dollars in sales online, real estate, finance, banking and SaaS industries. He helps businesses, large and small, attract more leads and customers by providing done-with-you and done-for-you solutions for monetizing those leads using wildly profitable omni-channel marketing strategies

Eric Herman

Co-Author, Time Bomb



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Make Your Business Stand Out By Bringing Your Social Media Profiles To Life.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Isn't posting 2x a day on my Facebook page too much?

No. It’s exactly the right amount.

You have to keep in mind that your page’s fans won’t be seeing every post that we push live. We post 2x a day (7 days a week), your average Facebook page fan will only see 1-2 of those post. This posting frequency ensures that you satisfy the Facebook algorithm and have maximum opportunity to get in front of your audience (while still showing new visitors that you are absolutely on top of your page).


PLEASE NOTE: Because you’re the administrator of your facebook page, you’ll see a higher number of your page’s posts in your newsfeed (your audience won’t see as many posts as you do).


How long does it take to get started once I sign up?

We are fast.
When you click below and get started, it takes us around a week to get all of your content created and to get new posts up on your page. From that point forward, you’re going to see new content hitting your page 2x a day. New content starts posting within 7 days.

Do I have to sign a contract to start using this Service?

No. Our service is month to month. We just ask that you give us a 30 day notice if you’re going to cancel your account.

What happens if I want to post on my own profile pages (or delete something)?

The best part of our service is that you still retain 100% control of your profile pages. You can posts, change, or delete anything that hits your page at any time without interfering with our service.

You retain full control of your profile pages.

Is your Service Facebook and Twitter Safe?


We’re a stickler for the rules on Facebook and Twitter and will never do anything that would put your social pages at risk.

What do I do if I have a question (or need to make changes) once we get started?

You can contact us anytime at

Sign Your Business Up Now

Make Your Business Stand Out By Bringing Your Social Media Profiles To Life.

Regular Price $397    Today $297 per month